Volunteer Information

Thank you for volunteering your time and talents to Indian Knoll Elementary School!

Thank you for making the commitment to help make our school the best place for teachers to teach and students to learn! We are glad you are here and hope that you will find your experience a rewarding one. The information contained on this page will provide you with tips and guidelines for your time on our campus.

How to Volunteer

We need you! Are you ready? Each of us has a different talent, and there are many opportunities available. Download our volunteer interest form to indicate your interests. Send your completed form into your child’s teacher. Any Parents or Caregivers can alternatively complete our Volunteer Interest Form online here Our Volunteer Coordinator or one of our committee chairs will contact you as opportunities arise to volunteer. If you would like to explore all the ways you can lend a hand with IKES PTA, you may visit our Committee page.

Volunteer Guidelines & Etiquette

We appreciate our volunteers tremendously, and we count on them to enhance the events that we put on for our students, teachers and school community. All volunteers must view and complete the following forms before volunteering with and/or mentoring students:

    • Volunteer-Mentor Application 2019-20 (English)
    • Volunteer-Mentor Application 2019-20 (Spanish)
    • Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) Background Check Form
    • Guidelines for Volunteers and Indicators of Possible Child Abuse

      The following guidelines will make everyone’s experience the best it can be:

      • If you promise to be here on a certain day and time, please don’t let us down. We really do need you!
      • Always sign in, in the front office.
      • Always wear your volunteer tag. We require our staff to challenge anyone who is not a staff member and/or who is not properly identified.
      • If you see or hear students do or say things that are obviously inappropriate, let a teacher or administrator know who the students are and what they did. Please do not attempt to correct the problem yourself!
      • If you are volunteering to work in the classroom, make sure your presence is as unobtrusive as possible. Teachers need help, but a volunteer who doesn’t follow directions becomes an added burden rather than a support.
      • There will be times you need to contact other parents for help. For example, you may need to send emails to the parents in your class to request donations. When sending emails to a group, please use the BCC field to protect confidentiality, AND always include the teacher.
      • Have a good time! A school filled with happy volunteers is a better place to teach and learn.

Duties of Room Parent

      • Serve as a link between teacher and class parents
      • Distribute emails to parents from the teacher on an as-needed basis
      • Organize volunteers for teacher i.e. to make copies, read to the class, go on field trips, help with class parties and help with class projects.
      • If you are Room Parent, it may be helpful to meet with your teacher at the beginning of the school year to come up with a rough plan for the major events during the school year when the teacher will need your help. This way you ensure that you start off the school year with an idea of how best to provide support.
      • If you have any questions about being a Room Parent, please reach out to our Room Parent Coordinator, Jeanette Smith, at [email protected]