IKES Talent Show: A Star Is Born

We are so excited to announce that the 2019-20 IKES Talent Show: A Star Is Born will be held once again in the Sequoyah High School Theater! Auditions are coming up soon at IKES, so it’s time to signup online if your student wants to participate!

DEADLINE TO SIGN UP: ALL Audition Sign-Up Forms, Music, and Lyrics are due by Friday October 18th.

AUDITIONS: Thursday October 24th at IKES Cafeteria (starting at 4pm)

DRESS REHEARSAL: Tuesday November 12th at 5pm at Sequoyah High School Theater

TALENT SHOW: Saturday November 16th at 6pm at SHS Theater (Cast & Crew arrives at 5:30pm)

Each student wanting to participate in the Talent Show must submit a completed Audition Signup Form – this lets us know that the student has permission to participate in this event.

Please review these dates and the guidelines on the Audition Signup Form before signing up to tryout for the Talent Show. Attendance is mandatory at auditions, dress rehearsal and show for Performers and Emcees. NOTE: Backstage Crew Members do not need to attend auditions but must still complete this Signup Form to participate and must commit to attending the dress rehearsal and show.
Sign Up (online)
Sign Up (Printable)

Guidelines For Auditions

Auditions will be held Thursday October 24th in the IKES Cafeteria starting around 4:00pm. Signup Forms (required for participation in the Talent Show) are due by Friday October 18th. Audition times will be assigned and emailed out by October 21st.

A few key things to remember about auditions:

  • All varieties of acts are encouraged to audition – any (elementary age appropriate) skill that can be shown to an audience is welcome at auditions.
  • A panel of judges made up of IKES Teachers, Principal, and Assistant Principals will observe auditions and determine which acts will be selected for the show.
  • Due to the time limitations and logistics, there will be NO MAKEUP AUDITIONS for any reason.
  • Students will be asked to perform up to 45 seconds of their act. Acts should be less than 3 minutes in length due to time limitations of the show.
  • Upon arrival at the school, please park at the back of the building and check in at the back doors. You will wait with your student in the hallway outside the cafeteria until your student’s audition is called. Students in ASP will be escorted to auditions by an ASP worker at their audition time.
  • Please plan to arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to your audition time.
  • Auditions are held in the cafeteria and are closed. Only the performers, parents/caregivers of performers, and judges/mentors are allowed to observe the audition.
  • Acts will be selected based upon level of polish and preparation at time of audition as well as whether the material is appropriate for elementary age audiences (lyrics, content, costumes, etc).

Parents/Guardians are expected to stay and supervise their children during Auditions (IKES) and Dress Rehearsal (SHS). *If Parent/Guardian cannot accompany their child to Auditions, the student may be enrolled in ASP for the day of Auditions (October 24th) for a fee of $10. To enroll, email Jennifer Severson: [email protected].

Any additional questions can be directed to Christine Dagostino at [email protected].
Talent Show Guidelines (Printable)

How To Prepare For Auditions

  1. Complete an Audition Signup Form for each student who wants to participate in the Talent Show.
  2. (Vocal/Singing Acts only) Prepare a document to submit that has the lyrics your student will sing. Send this document with lyrics into school with your student addressed to Christine Dagostino/IKES PTA or email this document with lyrics to [email protected].
  3. If your student will be performing an act with background music, make sure you indicated this on this Signup Form and watch out for an email with a link to upload music files.
  4. Remind your student to practice! Have your student try out their act in front of friends and family so they are prepared when they audition for their teachers and principals!

Guidelines For Singing Acts

  • All music tracks must be Background, Karaoke, or Instrumental versions of the song.
  • Singing Acts will not be permitted to play the original version of the song and simply sing along with the person on the original track.
  • Lyrics to all vocal music must be submitted by Friday October 18th for approval by the judges. If there are inappropriate words or content, they should be altered or another song should be chosen.
  • Lip-Syncing will not be allowed. (Exception: if lip-syncing is part of a dramatic, theatrical, or comedic act that showcases other talents, this act will be considered for inclusion in the show)

How To Submit Music & Audio Files

  1. Obtain music file of song your student will be using for their act in a readable format (mp3, m4a, etc). If your student is singing, please remember to obtain the karaoke, instrumental, or background music version of the song.
  2. Rename the file as “[Student Name] [Act/Song Title]” *For Example, if Bobby Smith’s act was singing the song Let it Go, the file name should be named: “Bobby Smith Let It Go”
  3. You will receive a link via email to the PTA Google Drive folder “Talent Show Music Files” once PTA receives and processes your completed Audition Signup Form if you have indicated that a music file will be accompanying the act/audition.
  4. Upload your music file to the “Talent Show Music Files” folder in Google Drive in a readable format (ie mp3, m4a, etc.). If the file is found to be not playable or to be corrupted, we will contact you to correct the issue.

If you do not receive a link to the folder within 48 hours of submitting your audition form, please email Christine Dagostino at [email protected] to request that a link be emailed to you. If you have any questions or problems with uploading music files, please email Christine Dagostino and she will reach out to you and do her best to help.